A Day without…

This blog is copyrighted by Dillon Naber Cruz

This blog is copyrighted by Dillon Naber Cruz

In the 2004 film A Day Without a Mexican, a mysterious fog disables communication systems in California and Mexican immigrants begin to disappear. Farm laborers, restaurant workers, domestic servants, skilled and unskilled workers all vanish in an all Mexican “rapture” style event leading to confusion, chaos and a crippled economy. The satirical film raises the issue of just how much all our lives are entwined with those of Mexican immigrants and to the enormous benefit they play in the American economy.  Nativist, xenophobic rhetoric would have us believe otherwise as Spanish speaking immigrants from throughout Latin America are vilified and scapegoated, saying these hard working people are undermining the economy and stealing American jobs.  Donald Trump and those of his ilk never seem to look beyond their myopic blindness to see what the root causes of people leaving behind their families, culture,  communities, and way of life to come toil for American capitalism nor do they look to all the people who hire them once they arrive. So much easier to feed fear and to scapegoat.

Trump and a significant contingent of his supporters are overtly racist, bigoted and xenophobic. There have been multiple reports of Trump banner waving bigots celebrating his victory as a legitimization of their ignorance and throughout the campaign some Trump supporters, at the behest of Mr. Trump, engaged in violence against those who tried to stand up to his bullying, racist antics. Millions of people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, immigrants, women,  the differently abled, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, and their allies, families, and friends are now justifiably afraid of what may happen as America turns back the clock to the make America white again. What if on a national level there was a nation wide, mass non-participation event where all of those whom are marginalized by entrenched systemic oppression refused to go to work, school, to shop, or participate in any other way that supports systemic oppression? How quickly would the economy start to suffer in ways that hurt the elites, the politicians, and the mindless minions who buy into their hate based ignorance? We need a nation wide repudiation of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and systemic oppression. The time is now. The beginning is near.

So in that spirit, I pray for A Day Without -immigrants,  LGBTQ, People of Color, People of all faiths, The Differently Abled, Women, and all others who want to see systemic racism and oppression dismantled once and for all. I pray for a massive movement of non-violent protest against white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalism that perpetuates oppression, for to paraphrase musical artist Nahko Bear, we must not go gently into these darkest of days…

I highly recommend this film.

I highly recommend this film.

Peace be with you.




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