Where would Jesus frack?

Industry execs loathe regulations that aim to protect natural capital and make it harder for industries to cut corners in order to increase profits.  These same companies intentionally obfuscate the worst of their crimes against humanity with falsified documents or bogus research as has been shown numerous times by chemical companies, oil and gas conglomerates or the tobacco industry.  We see it today as biotech giants like Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta fight law suits and engage in buying politicians (how else can we explain Congress voting to ban GMO labeling?).  The fracking industry now finds itself trying to maintain its ill gotten profits as research turns up ever more evidence that the practice is destructive to watersheds and drinking water.  When will a critical mass of concerned citizens arise to shut down the well pads? When will Christian America stand up and demand that God’s creation be responsibly stewarded and stand up for the Golden Rule so that people are not poisoned in the name of greed? When will politicians actually listen and LEAD from the front rather than being bought in a back room deal?

Responsible regulation would ensure that natural capital is of paramount importance. If a company can not 100% guarantee the safety of a watershed before, during, and after an industrial process, whether it is extractive, manufacturing, or application of  product, then the process MUST BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED.  Companies know that paying for the natural capital resources that are used in industry would make prevent them from making a profit as is evidenced by the last few paragraphs of the linked article and by recent studies proving that no industry would make a profit if natural capital was considered in the accounting.

We’re running out of time for meaningful action. The biosphere (the layer of the planet that contains life) can only handle so much.

Radioactive creek

For further evidence of corporate malfeasance:

DuPont poisons the world

Natural capital


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