Ban toxic industrial practices.

A recent study concluded that if environmental and social impacts were taken into account, that no industry would turn a profit. This study confirms why so many politicians in the US (predominately Republicans) vote in favor of legislation that limits regulations. If meaningful, enforceable restrictions were put into place things like mountain top removal mining, tar sands extraction, hydraulic fracturing, and high pressure pipe line construction would be illegal. As it stands, the regulations allow for practices that generate toxic wastes. There is NO SAFE PLACE to store toxic wastes. Any practice which creates a toxic product or byproduct, such as fracking fluid should be banned immediately. How many more “accidents” will it take before people stand up and say enough?

Once again toxic wastes have been spilled into a watershed, this time it was in a bitterly ironic twist, the Environmental Protection Agency that spilled it. One million gallons. We must ban these practices. Immediately.

Toxic waste spilled into Animas River

No profitable industries


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