What happens when we eat organic food?

I have long been a proponent for eating organic foods. Conventional agriculture has been shown to be ecologically unsound because it relies so heavily on chemicals that destroy vital life forms in the soil. Healthy plants come from healthy soil. When the soil is fed rather than the plant, a more robust, resilient, safer environment is created. Some studies have tried to show that organic food contains “no more health benefits” than conventional. Some of even gone on to say that the only difference is the chemical residues, as if eating chemically soaked foods was a good thing!  Recently a Swedish study showed exactly what happens when people switch to eating organic foods and it comes as no surprise to me that toxic chemicals were almost completely eliminated from the bodies of the participants in as little as two weeks.  Our bodies and our soil thrive without the presence of toxic agricultural chemicals. This is basic ecology and ecology is the most important science we have right now as we strive to regenerate the systems that sustain life.


See the link for more details.







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