Keystone Pipeline– a disaster waiting to happen

The U.S. government is accepting public comments about the proposed Keystone Pipeline. This project would take tar sand oil from Canada and pipe it down to Texas for refining. On every level this is absurd and potentially disastrous. The route goes right through America’s breadbasket and over the top of the most critical ground water aquifer in the country. The Ogallala Aquifer is a vast underground source of water that irrigates much of the farmland from Texas to the Dakotas. Putting a pipeline on top of that endangers the ground water and the arable land. Additionally the extraction of the tar sands oil requires massive amounts of energy and chemicals to make the oil usable. Tar sands extraction is akin to a heroin junkie shooting up under the toenail or into the genitals. In other words, it’s the behavior of a very sick society.

Please go to the following website to comment and demand that this project be scrapped. There is NO benefit to allowing this to happen.!docketDetail;D=DOS-2014-0003


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