What divides us is an illusion

What divides us in an illusion,made up by man in their confusion. –Ziggy Marley

In permaculture we have principles that guide our designs. One of those is to ‘integrate rather than segregate’ and another is to ‘create edge and value the marginal’. These are principles of inclusion rather than division. From my perspective, we need a lot more INCLUSION in our world today!

What happens if we look for things to UNIFY us rather than divide us? What happens when the focus is shifted to our collective humanity, our collective human goodness, and our collective human needs from a focus of division, intolerance, and hatred? What happens when we intentionally stop feeding and watering memes, ideologies, and systems that are divisive? What happens when we begin to question our assumptions about those systems, about other people, about ourselves?

I have come a long way in my life and now am dedicated to creating a more beautiful world where the Ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Future Care are the hallmarks of society. A world where each individual is seen as worthy, where shame and blame have been relegated to the dustbin instead of being used as normal everyday tactics to hurt people. A world where each person’s being is inviolate as a matter of course and non-violence is the norm. A world where communication is done with mindfulness and beauty.

Every major spiritual tradition in the world says that “WE’RE DOING IT WRONG” when we judge, blame, condemn, belittle, hurt, or fail to be compassionate. Guess what, “WE’RE DOING IT WRONG.” If we were doing it right, the water would be clean, the air breathable, ecosystems restored and EVERYONE would have there physical, emotional, and spiritual needs met. EVERYONE. Every tradition also says, “it starts with you, by looking within, rather than without”. In other words, ask yourself how you can be more compassionate, more open, more inclusive, more loving of yourself and all others. It starts with me. It starts with you.

We can all do better. I ask myself daily to be more of the person I truly want to be. I want to be compassionate and to see the best in EVERY human being I come across. I want my every single thought, word, and action to bespeak of my love for my wife Christina in a way that makes my love so obvious that a perfect stranger witnessing me interacting with Nina would be flabbergasted by the love flowing between us. This is my DESIRE. I am working on it everyday. I am working on seeing the best in myself (no mean feat when one has suffered with PTSD due to emotional and physical trauma).

Expressing altruism, compassion, and unconditional love makes people happy, both the giver and receiver. Equality makes people happy (just ask the Danes). Division makes people unhappy. Us versus Them, dehumanizes worthy human beings. Nationalism, partisan politics, bigotry, and intolerance of others’ beliefs, sexuality, language, or creed has never truly served anyone.

That’s how I see the world now and how I want to see the world in future. If I make a comment to someone in response to a divisive statement, meme, or idea know that the roots of my response are in all that I said above. I believe in the inherent worth of every single human being alive now or ever. I believe we are all worthy of unconditional love and having ALL our material needs met equitably. My beliefs are based upon the study of global spiritual traditions, whole systems thinking and permaculture, and the knowledge that human nature is innately compassionate, loving, and cooperative. It boggles my mind that anyone could be offended by that.

A house divided cannot stand. What is the Earth if not our ‘house’? –Dillon Cruz


Are you with me?


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