High desert permaculture 15 years later.

This video highlights one of the things I love about Permaculture design–no matter where it is applied, it WORKS. Simple as that. I especially love seeing it applied in harsh deserts because it shows me how much more amazing it can be in temperate or subtropical zones that get decent rain. For even more cool desert permaculture success see Geoff Lawton’s films Greening the Desert 1 and 2.

This video is Andrew Millison, part of the team that taught the permaculture teacher training I attended in 2010. Imagine your town doing using these techniques, planting food forests on the sides of residential streets. Pretty sweet and totally doable. Let’s work together America to make this the norm!

As ever, major gratitude to those spreading the permaculture wisdom around the planet. So exciting. So much to learn and do.

Desert permaculture


5 thoughts on “High desert permaculture 15 years later.

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