Household tips for a safer home

Get rid of all those air fresheners like Febreze, Lysol, or Glade. Somehow people have been duped into thinking those chemical soups smell nice. They smell like chemicals. I replace them with incense. Bathroom stink? Light a stick of incense for a few minutes. Malodorous trash can? Incense! There are many varieties available, one that will surely meet people’s olfactory needs far better than a can of toxic soup. Do you just feel the need to clear the air or energy?  Incense is used in rituals and services for a variety of spiritual practices including Christianity, Buddhism, as well as Earth based and New Age spirituality. It is truly a multipurpose air freshener! I like Nag Champa. It is easy to find at health food stores or other retail establishments.

Essential oils are also a good alternative to chemical based air fresheners which also come in a wide variety of scents. I use an essential oil in lieu of deodorant.

For more helpful tips on household cleaners and to find out which products to absolutely avoid I use the following Environmental Working Group website:



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