Lessons in the wood

Lately I am feeling an incredible urge to sculpt wood and have been spending a fair amount of time doing so. I finished another small sculpture today and I really like it. The thing is when I started out, I had a very clear idea in mind of what I wanted the finished piece to look like.  During the creative process a chisel struck ever so slightly too hard took a huge chunk of wood off making that initial vision impossible and eliciting a rather robust expletive outburst on my part.

This was one of those times when I was presented with an opportunity to go with the flow. My immediate reaction was of frustration and I nearly scrapped the piece altogether. That seemed foolish as I already several hours of work into it and there was still something I liked about it. I was holding it in my hand and moving it around to look at  from a different angle when it ‘showed’ me a new way of seeing it. The new angle was completely different and totally changed the concept of the piece, so I decided to change focus and create something different.

I got really excited about it and then sat down to complete the carving portion losing all track of time in the process. Christina came home from work to find me feverishly working on it as sweat poured down my face. She decided to take some pictures of me in my creative fettle thus proving that my abs need more sculpting than the wood! I sanded it today and added the first coat of oil.

Hand carved then sanded with Dremel and hand sanding.

Organic II


The artist at work. His abs need work.


Too sexy for my shirt. Actually it’s hot on the second floor and we are free of A/C.


The raw material.



Organic II
‘Front’ view
Finished with boiled linseed oil.


Organic II
‘Back’ View





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