Taking time to create

For many people being creative is like breathing, they simply seem to ‘have’ to create something artistic.  I tend to go with the flow and sometimes that flow gets pretty intense as I work on a project. I don’t have “one” creative thing that I do. Rather, I dabble a bit, sometimes drawing, sometimes writing, sometimes sculpting with wood. Recently, I got my carving tools out and started to work on a relief sculpture on a chunk of wood that my friend gave me from his workshop collection of miscellaneous left over pieces. I think it was a piece of mahogany though I cannot be sure.  I think of this as perma-sculpture because I took a piece of wood that might otherwise get tossed or if ‘lucky’ burned and turn into art instead thus prolonging its ‘life’.

I’ve been doodling strange organic shapes for years and decided I would try to do a carved representation of one of them. Something about the shapes draws me (even though I am the one doing the drawing).  They’re very organic and often similar, in the way snowflakes are, but there is no real pattern to them. Basically, I like that way that they look and feel like this carving turned out nice. This is my first attempt at one like this.


The starting block, though this is no race.


There is so much cutting to do at the outset.



The roughing out process takes some time. The carving for me takes on a life of its own with each session. I start with an idea and then the wood dictates how to proceed with that vision.


The shape is further defined. At this point I still don’t “see” a finished carving. It’s still nebulous.



This is how it looked on the day before I completed it. All the carving was done at this point and just sanding and oiling with linseed oil remained.


The completed carving. It is entitled, ‘Organic’.









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